Thursday, 21 February 2013

Starter For Ten...

Ok, so here it is, I am advancing into this technological battleground with nothing but my 41 and 3/4 years of wisdom and newly home-coloured hair. 

My reason for commencing this blog is my need to 'put out there' my photographs. I am standing on the very edge of Digital photography and haven't actually taken the giant leap of purchasing an actual camera as yet...all you will see unfold in the meantime are pictures taken with my trusty mobile phone. 

I was created with an a dodgy gene, the inherent laziness gene, it's a burden I've shouldered all my life, always seeking, starting and never finishing, a common enough tale. I'm a socially acceptable 'drifter', married early, two children later, settled in a reasonably good yet terribly dull job (I'm totally ashamed to say I'm still there!)there I drifted for sometime. 

There were waves to ride and I enjoyed several voyages of creativity whilst working part-time for a Drama School, then after hitting a metaphorical iceburg my marriage came to an abrupt end and armed with plans for all I intended to achieve I was quite lucky enough to fall head over heels in love with my current husband. Quite shockingly my dusty old womb cranked back into action and child number three was created. So you see, I'm a drifter...

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